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Chronicle Article  10 December 1936 page 34 "Station Padilocks of 120 square miles" written by John Warren. One of a series of articles titled "The Four John Warrens" written by John Warren about life on Anna Creek Station in the 1880's. It begins "This week the writer describes everyday life on Anna Creek Station, some big 'paddocks', the trapping of dingoes, station colt breaking, shearing experiences, and other typical incidents of the outback sheep station". RH 00059

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Brass plaque commemorating the opening of the Coober Pedy Progress & Miners Association Community Hall by the Minister of Tourism, Recreation and Sport, the Hon T.C. Casey, on 27th February 1977

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Article CPT  July 1988  "Vale Bob Kempe" " Bob Kempe's sudden death in a road accident on June 14th shocked and saddened his many friends in the north." Mentioned: brother John, sister Pat (Mrs Doug Lillicrapp), father Ernie, daughters  Pauline, Erika & Robyn,  Ross Scobie, Rona Scobie, Val McSporran, Dick Nunn

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Article CPT August 1988 p 13 "'Vale' Pec" by Robyn Greenwood. "With the death of  Jaroslav Edward Pecanek on July 15th 1988, the north has lost one of its great characters." Mentions that "Pec" and his wife Jindra fled the communist regime of Czechoslovakia in 1949, then their early years in Australia, arriving in Oodnadatta in February 1960 where he had purchased the store which was the family business for the next 24 years. Also mentions his sons Henry and Peter, his contract with the French Petroleum Oil Co to construct a road across the Simpson desert now known as the "French [...]

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RH 00056 Memories of Mirikata Blue Steel Trials South Australia 1957 – 1965, The BS 2001 Reunion Committee Compiled and Edited in Adelaide by Bryan Wetton and Gordon Meopham October 2001 Our Web Site South Australian Blue Steel Trials 1958-1965 at http://bluesteel.cjb.net Mentions stations:  McDouall Peak, the Twins, Mt Eba, Bulgunnia, Bon Bon & Ingomar and Wayne & Sharon Rankin of Twins, the Governor of South Australia, Lieutenant-General Sir Edric Bastyan and Lady Bastyan  

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"Oodnadatta Its History" from "Air Doctor" Issue No 184 April 1990 "Celebrating its Centenary"  and "Information on Oodnadatta" by Peter Caust In a special liftout of the CPT 9-5-1990 Mentions John McDouall Stuart & John Flynn RH 00055

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RH 00054 "Why has Mintabie been left to Rot?" by Riley Walter, photos by Simon Cross and Tom Huntley, The Advertiser, 19/11/22 Traditional Owners Want Answers over Trashed Opal Mecca Pictures of Ivanka and Luka Sumanovic, Karina Lester

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RH 00053 "My Town in Ruins," by Riley Walter, pictures by Simon Cross, SA Weekend, The Advertiser November 19-20, 2022 Mintabie Pictures of Kevin Davies, Jamie Wilson and Christine Watkinson, destroyed buildings

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Article  "Glendambo Hotel-Motel Pty Ltd Caravan Park" South Australian Magazine April 1987 re new tourist development at Glendambo after the realignment of the Stuart Highway in 1982, bypassing the township of Kingoonya

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Tough Country - Beautiful Son Obituary - Jack Plate ( 2nd Feb 1978 - 22 Jan 1999 ) article by Phillip Gee 24th February 1999 Coober Pedy Times Page 5 Adam and Lynnie Plate, Pink Roadhouse, Oodnadatta

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