RH 00049


"31st October Deadline for Submissions to Save Mintabie," letter by Arek Varjabedian, CPRT 18/10/18 Mentions Eileen Hooper, Graeme Gunn 2009 APY - Mintabie Amended Legislation 2009 Land Claim  

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RH 00018 p4


Aust. Gems & Crafts Magazine article by Len Dallow "Mintabie, another Lightning Ridge" 1978. re conditions at Mintabie in 1978 as found by the author.  p4  

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'Decisions in the Dust,' by David English, Advertiser 21/8/86 Mintabie story Mentions: Luka Simanovic

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RH 00045


'Outback Deluge," by Chris Bryce & John Fergusson, Advertiser 20/3/89 Mentions:  Anna Creek Station, Stuart Nunn, William Creek Hotel, Michael Nitschke, Kulgera Hotel, Jeff Sutton

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RH 00042


page from The Observer, Adelaide 6-6-1925 "What The Camera Saw On The Parliament Trip Into The Interior" re inspection of the survey line of the proposed railway line between Kingoonya and Alice Springs From the National Library of Australia https://nla.gov.au/nla.news-page19334704 click to view

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Brief history of the Dog Fence in South Australia Mentioned - Byron McLachlan, Ian McTaggart, Len Burton, Omedilly Moosha, J French, Reg Absalom, Donald Byrnes, Ray & Shirley Bahr, Bill Stretton, Bill Sandow, Keith Beelitz. Source information from 'Holding the Line' by Leith Yelland 'The Dog Fence' by James Woodford ' Red Sands Green Heart' by John Read click to view article

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Article - 'Outback people and places'  re life of Donald Byrnes Mentions siblings Geoffrey, Phillip and Elizabeth, wife Beverley and children Michael, Tracey and Karen.  Associates Bob and John Kempe, Hugh Harvey, Dick Cadzow, Ian Rankin   click to view article

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Lake Eyre given its Arabana name Kati Thanda. Arabana Aboriginal Corporation chairman Aaron Stuart and Arabana senior elder Syd Strangways pictured. Advertiser article 25/5/2013 click to view article

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CPT article "End of an Era - The Outback bids farewell to the Plate Family" by Steve Staines 18/7/2013 click to view article

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CPT article "Remembering Adam Plate" by Tony Williams - Mt Barry Station click to view article

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