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School begins at Coober Pedy 1960 Power Point Show Mentioned: George and Horace Thompson, Blatchford children with their mother, Robert Bryce, The Community Hall, Pastor and Mrs Traeger,  Teachers Anatoly Waniarcha, Geoff Byrnes & Sid Allen, Teachers Graham Jenkins, Mrs Jenkins and Mrs Gianni  SH 00026

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1998 0004


Coober Pedy Area School Staff 1998 Row 1: Sue Stillman, Cheryl Harris, Joanne Findlay, Joanna Simos, Peter Haines, Jeff Fiddler (Principal), Harry Postema, Juliette Camm, Shelley Hier, Amanda Paterson, Debbie Hunt Row 2: Chrissey Reynolds, Veronika Witham, Kirsten Pitcher, Sharon Winen, Jill Johnson, Helen Fesus, John Grant, Leanne Marjanovic, Jacqui Hooke, Kristen Nottle, Frances O'Reilly, Craig McGee Row 3: Debbie Bowes, Chris Comer, Melissa Murray, Trish Boulton, Marie Merchant, Gail Boulton, Stella Hyatt, Matthew Gregory, Judy Giles, Denyse Hosking, Barnbara Spurr, Jeni Siviour, Corrina Townend Row 4: Robin Walker, Maurice Akele, Ann Hammer, Peter Giles, Robert Pryce, Andrew Hayman, Joseph Brooks, [...]

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1990 0109


Coober Pedy Area School "Come Out" Street Parade c.1994 The big opal was made for the "Rock n Roll" Eisteddfod June 1991, in which the students performed in "Rainbows in the Desert" see SH 00008

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