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Teaching Staff at Coober Pedy Area School 1982 Known names: Sue Davison, Mike Davison, Wayne Ferguson, Peter Caust, Helena Saj Rynes, Judy Underwood, Lyn Hollow, Helen McCormack, Alana Mellor

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Teachers at Coober Pedy Area School c.1972 Known names: Craig Cameron (Principal),Mike Davison, Sue Davison, Rosemary Helmis, Stella Hyatt, Ruth Schrapel, Denise Kwong,

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Article Sunday Mail 12-11-72 "New school's in at Coober" Report on new school opened by Acting Director-General of Education, Mr Les Dodd Also an earlier newspaper article August 1972 "Soon Outgrown" Reported that the new school opened about a month earlier, already too small for its school-going population SH 00024

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Dean Galanos, profile of school deputy, Coober Pedy Times May 1985

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'Teachers for Tough Jobs,'  written in 1959 before the school was set up in 1960 at the Progress Hall, reprinted in the CPT 5/6/91. Mentions: Anatolij Waniarcha, Geoff Byrnes, Malcolm Cowan (Andamooka School)

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'For Gus, life is a garden - and he digs it,' by Sylvia Kriven, Advertiser 25/2/87 Gus Arthur

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SH 00016 School Newsletter #33 22-11-74. Issues: Use of Explosives, Swimming Pool, Carols by Candlelight, Council Meeting, Craig Cameron, Police Response to teachers' flat break-ins, Basketball Association, Canteen Roster, Church Notices Mentioned: Mr Craig Cameron, Mr Mike Davison, Mr Brian Leigh, Mr G Gunn,  Ian Rankin, Peter Carroll, Robin Williams, George Paspaliaris, Jim Aylett Students: Lynette Lochowiak, Scott Cameron, Berrice Betts, Elizabeth Lennon, Bobby Brown, Tom Paspaliaris Mothers/canteen volunteers: V Wirth, J Rainsford, J Van Brugge, A Lazaraki, E Olson, P Brooks, P Mileno, L Vranic, A Cettle, Gladys M,  Mrs Paspaliaris, Mrs Sideris, Mrs Dawn Telleria

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Coober Pedy Area School Newsletter 4-10-1974 Mentioned: Swimming pool tenders, Mr Golding, Mrs Case, Miss Billing, Miss Pickhaver, Miss Potocka, Mrs Papadopoulos, Mrs Shephard, Mrs Jones, Miss Vindis, Mr Favilla, Mr Carter, Miss Hyatt, Mr Samsonenko, Mrs Davison, Robin Boots, Marianne Cameron, D Vijtauer, P Lewis, O Meschke, D Telleria, J Gough, F Rowntree, P Brooks, S Zeniov, B Anthanadis. P Mileno, L Physentzou, Mr & Mrs George McCormack, Mrs Deidre McCormack click to view SH 00015

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Robert Bryce - Correspondence School lessons Grade I, 1956 Grade II, 1957 Grade III, 1958  

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