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The Prospector's Opal Tours brochure George & Clair van Brugge

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Big Winch information brochure Gabriele and Claus Wirries

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Coober Pedy Tours brochure Tom & Pat Campagna

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Picturesque Views of Coober Pedy, SA Picture postcard with views of opal jewellery, opal mining, the Cave of Gems, a typical Coober Pedy dwelling, Bolshevic  Valley, a signpost in Coober Pedy Postcard purchased in Coober Pedy by L McAuliffe on 16-7- 1969 Donated by L McAuliffe TO 00032  

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OB 00016


Small souvenir patch purchased in Coober Pedy, presumed by the donor's parents c.1960's.

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Postcard - cartoon on theme of actual slide at Drive-In,"Patrons -Explosives are not to be brought into this theatre"

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brochure for "Coober Pedy Tours"  owned and operated by Tom and Pat Campagna click to view full article  

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'Tourist Time at Coober Pedy' Chronicle article about the 'annual infux of touring motorists' 20 April 1933, with the E.O. Hoppe photo of Minnie Berrington and Jacob Santing. click to view article

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Discover Old Coober Pedy - Coober Pedy Historical Society History Trail Brochure 1998

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