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Article - Adelaide Advertiser SA Weekend  January 25/26 2020 - "If these dogs get down south, it's gunna be hell for the farmers" re Al Walton's job patrolling his 321 km stretch of the dog fence near Coober Pedy Also mentioned: Peter and Margie Whittlesea of Mt Eba Station and Al Walton's wife Therese and daughters Caitlin and Isabella click to view AG 00025

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South Australia Wins the National Bronco Branding Titles , held at Oodnadatta on 8/7/2000. CPT 26/7/00 1st place Singles Champions - Macumba Team, comprised of Derek Rowe, Warren Teague and Eddie Nunn click to view article

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Oodnadatta Hosts 2000 National Bronco Branding Championships by Patsy Williams CPT 19/4/2000 The Bronco Branding Committee met for it's AGM on 12/4/2000. Tony Williams replaced Grant McSporran as president and Gerry Nunn continued as secretary. click to view article

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Ian James Rankin Obituary by Patsie Williams CPT 15/12/99 click to view article

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Derek Rowe won the Kidman cup with his horse Bandana at the Oodnadatta Races and also competed in the bronco branding. Kidman Centenary Celebrations by Misty Mance CPT 16/6/99 click to view article

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Randall Crozier, manager of Anna Creek station, trucking cattle to other Kidman properties because of drought while station hands leave to find work elsewhere "Water dries up along with life on the land" Weekend Australian September 13-14 2008 click to view article

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Randall Crozier, manager of Anna Creek Station, is destocking because of drought conditions The Advertiser 6.5.2008 - Anna Creek 'Panic Station' click to view article

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Patsy Williams Receives Award CPT 13/1/99 click to view article

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1999 William Creek Gymkhana  CPT 7/4/99 click to view article

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