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Article "Comings & Goings" CPT 24-10-1990 Mentions long term residents Demos & Tasula Tsakiridis and their daughters Sussan & Olga on  leaving Coober Pedy. Demos had lived in Coober Pedy for 21 years, taking ownership of  CPS store on 29th June 1969. Olga & Demos Tsakarikis pictured Also mentions the new co-owners of Caltex Coober Pedy Roadhouse, John & Connie Zarpas, along with Tony & Vickie Zarpas Pictured are John & Vickie Zarpas with their children Peter, Nick and Tanya

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Article "The Opal Cutter" CPT 21-11-1990 Features Piet & Barbara Lamont in their new shop "The Opal Cutter" located in the Desert Cave Shopping gallery

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Article "Double J Designs" CPT 24-10-1990 Re Jill Johnson & Judy James of Double J Designs at an exhibition of their work titled "Lizard Landscapes & Outback Images"

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Article "Unique Underground Potteries" - CPT 21-3-1990 Re Peter & Konnie Rowe's Pottery with photos and son Derek

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Article "The Big Winch" CPT 28-6-1989 Mentions owners Claus & Gabbie Wirries and artist Helen Jensen CO 00073  

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Article "The Diggers Dream" CPT 25-4-1990 Tells of the Diggers Dream Underground Home owned by Hannah and Tony Berta and managed by their daughter Lesley Bird. Also tells how Hannah and Tony came to Coober Pedy

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Article "Traces Restaurant" CPT 23-5-1990 Tells how Jim & Thelma Bekiaris came to Coober Pedy  with photo

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