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Traces Restaurant by Merv Richards Coober Pedy Times 6/5/98 Photo:  Thelma & Jimmy with group of customers

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Article " Making a motel out of an old hill" re Philip Georgiou's Underground Motel

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'Jobs Help for Black Children,' by Robert Ball,' 26/10/80 Umoona Opal Mine Mentions: C Betts, B Lennon

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  'Underground Outback,' by Maxwell Whiting, Advertiser 14/8/76 Mentions: Umoona Opal Mine, Opal Cave, Robin Williams, Ron Eglinton

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'This Business is Solid as a Rock,' Australasian Post 23/9/65 Cave of Gems, Brian Lingham

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CO 00051 'The Elusive Gem defies all logic,' Advertiser 16/7/86 Article about Claus Wirries (+photo), The Big Winch Page includes Robert Coro and his new motel, ads for The Prospector's Opal Tours, George's (van Brugge) caravan park and The Opal Motel.

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