NP 00006


NP 00006 Opal Miners' Weekly Vol 1 #4 "Backfilling Reigns Supreme" controversial issue, mentioned Mick Lucas, Stan Kanopka, Ken Jones, Nick Macris, Jim Greening, Graham Gunn Health Inspector = High rates of head lice, scabies, ringworm New Police Station Grand Fiesta - fundraiser for school "Bush Nurse" Ann Dau Arkaroola Wildlife Sanctuary "Profiles & Personalities" Bob Amorosi, Anna Coro Coober Pedy Pictorial Roundabout - Dee Atkinson, Trevor Weatherall, Pat Watts, Ann Dau Progress Association Annual Report 1971-72,  AGM - Robin Williams president Medical Centre Annual Report 1971-72  

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NP 00005


NP 00005 Opal Miners' Weekly 28th September 1972 Selected articles, ads, notices "Blast Off for Govt." Coober Pedy miners complain about permit requirements to enter Woomera prohibited area Nicola van Brugge Baby of the Week "Paper will Inform the Outback" SA Opposition MP Dr Bruce Eastick praises Opal Miners; Weekly "Watchdog for the Opal Miner" Aims of the Opal Miners' Weekly, editor Noel Harley Kevin Allchurch, Coober Pedy advertising and editorial manager, Gwen McArdle office worker Medical Centre Committee pp 3 & 14 -Resident doctor issues, photos of Bill McDougall, Gertrude Lindemann and hospital, mentioned Sisterd Dau, Manning, Watt & Kennaugh [...]

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NP 00004


NP 00004 Opal Miners' Weekly Vol 1 No 3 Selected articles, ads & notices "We Can Clean Up Town" Cup Meeting Pictorial "Concert Aids School" Penny vote concert raised $2,369.40 Personalities and Profiles Around Town - Craig Cameron "Camp at Copper Hills"  BCA Camp "When Will the Bell Toll for Coober Pedy?" planning Catholic Church bell tower "Miners Fall into Trap" infamous application for entry into Woomera Prohibited Zone "The Place for Relaxation" Italo Miners Club "Immediate Federal Action Demanded for Stuart Highway" "Land Department Auctions Land" Licenses lost "No Phones for Coober Pedy" Rapid population growth exhausted all available numbers [...]

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NP 00008


NP 00008 Opal Miners' Weekly 5/1072 Selected articles, ads, notices "Shots in the Night" - illegal miners charged in temporary courthouse in Lutheran Church Kellie Muller - Baby of the Week from Mt Clarence Rescue Crew is Ready to Help - Mine Rescue Squad mock rescue exercise - mentioned: Bill McDougall, Lee Robins, Dave Genal, Ross McArdle, Tony Lucas, Ted Betteridge, Mal Potter, Darryl Wake, Sid Smart & Roger Wager Gym Girls - Fund raising social at Opal Hotel to raise money for pre-race meeting cocktail party "Anything but the Truth" - National news media focus on sensationalism and scandal in [...]

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NP 00007


NP 00007 Opal Miners' Weekly Vol 1 No 5 featured articles, photos & ads Like Phoenix Out of Ashes by Bill Parsons Opal Miners’ Weekly managing editor Japanese film company visits CP Underground Luxury of Aladdin’s Cave by Eric Smith pp 2 &15 New Church Will Preserve National Heritage – CP Greek Orthodox CP Water Supply Walgett – Gateway to the Opal Fields CP Applications for Telephones – Australian Post Office Bob Amorosi CP Trading Co ad Hussy - First Newspaper for Women CP Shopping Plaza Nearing Completion _ Tom van Brugge, ad CP Pictorial Roundabout – Desert Cave Motel photo [...]

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